m'ænst ɪt

verb / slang

  1. To bring a level of passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to a team ensuring success in its culture and product.
  2. To correctly spell all of the challenging words in an email, only to misspell a simple one.


game of life

Conway's GOL

Conway's game of life is a classic programming challenge based on a zero players game used to simulate population growth. The game operates over a set of four rules that are applied to each cell for every iteration of the game.

coloring book

JS Sketch Pad

I wanted to explore the functionality that canvas had to offer. So I built a sketch pad. The app is created in Vanilla JS and uses the HTML 5 canvas element. Each color is its own brush that allows the mouse to draw like a marker.

game of life

At DevBootcamp my first priority is to teach students how to develop web applications. To demonstrate the basic principals of these concepts I would live code a basic CRUD app using Sinatra to demonstrate basic REST conventions.